Three Things To Know About A Double-Breasted Suit

When you browse different men's suits online with the goal of buying one to wear, you'll likely see a large selection of double-breasted styles. Although arguably not as common as single-breasted suits, the double-breasted design can be favorable to a lot of men. You'll find these suits in several different fabrics and colors, which means that you shouldn't have trouble finding one with a look that suits you best. If you don't currently own a double-breasted suit, and you haven't previously had this garment in your wardrobe, here are some things that you should know before you complete your purchase.

They're Very Formal

Double-breasted suits have a very formal look to them. Whereas some single-breasted designs can appear more casual, you're unlikely to see a double-breasted suit that gives off a casual vibe. It's useful to think about your opportunities for wearing any suit that you plan to buy. If you often attend formal events, such as important meetings at work, funerals, and weddings, a double-breasted suit can be a good addition to your wardrobe because of the formal look that it provides. This isn't generally going to be a suit that you'd wear for more casual get-togethers.

You Should Wear It Buttoned Up

When you wear a single-breasted suit, you have the option of having a suit jacket buttoned up at times and unbuttoned at other times. For example, you might wear the jacket buttoned up when you stand up at a wedding, but then unbutton it during the reception afterward because it has a bit more of a casual vibe. It's generally not advisable to wear a double-breasted suit jacket unbuttoned as the front of the garment won't sit right on your torso. If you're thinking about buying this type of suit, you need to be prepared to keep it buttoned up whenever you're wearing it.

They Help You Stay Warmer

Something that you should know about double-breasted suits is that they will help you to stay warmer, thanks to the extra layer of fabric that stretches across the front of your body. This makes these suits a popular choice for people during the winter months. If you often feel cold during the winter and you frequently attend winter events in which you need to dress up, this can be the right type of suit for you. Look online to find a selection of men's suits for sale.