Three Colorful Golf Shorts To Buy

If you're a person who enjoys golfing, it can be fun to put some thought into what you wear on the links. While there's nothing wrong with a nondescript collared shirt and shorts, there are so many stylish options on the market today that you can easily put together an outfit that is a lot more colorful. Many male golfers look for stylish shirts to wear, but it's also important to find the right pair of shorts. When you visit a golf apparel store, you might be surprised at just how many colorful shorts are on the market. Here are some golf short styles that you'll find.

Solid Color

If you want a simple look, you might wish to shop for colorful golf shorts that feature a single color. Many of these garments exist, so you won't have trouble choosing a color that is in alignment with your sense of style. You'll see lots of pastel shades, including blues, yellows, and pinks. If you love green, you might think about buying a pair of shorts that are lime green, for example. Choosing a solid color can be practical because these shorts are easy to match with all sorts of neutral golf shirts.

Plaid Design

Traditionally, many golfers wore plaid attire — albeit in fairly muted color schemes. If you want colorful shorts and you like the plaid look, perhaps because it pays tribute to the history of the game, look for shorts that feature a colorful plaid design. Plaid designs often feature two or more different colors, and you can find all sorts of different golf shorts with different colorful plaid designs. Those that predominantly feature lighter hues may be more appealing to you if you golf in a hot climate, as light colors are cooler to wear.

Golf Pattern

There are also golf shorts for sale that feature golf-related images in a pattern across the material. These shorts often have a colorful fabric color, with small images that can add visual appeal. For example, you might see a pair of bright green shorts that have small golf ball images at regular intervals. These shorts have a polka dot look from afar, but close inspection reveals the telltale divots that identify the polka dots as golf balls. You may also see shorts with other golf-related images, including golf clubs, flags, and more.

Visit a golf apparel store to browse a selection of colorful golf shorts.