Reasons To Wear A Bowtie At Your Wedding

As you begin to plan your wedding, you'll want to think carefully about what you'll wear for this special occasion. The style, cut, and color of your suit will be important to consider, but you'll also need to decide what wedding tie you wish to wear. There are a few different options to think about, including a bowtie. A local or online store that specializes in formalwear and accessories will have a selection of bowties that you can browse as you decide what you want to wear on your wedding day. Here are some reasons that a bowtie can be a good choice for this occasion.

It's Special

If you wear a tie several times a week for work, there's a good chance that you wear a conventional tie that hangs down the front of your torso. While some people enjoy wearing this type of tie during their wedding, you may feel that it doesn't seem as special because you're so accustomed to wearing this style. This can be a good time to choose a bowtie. It's possible that you've never worn a bowtie in your life, which helps it to feel special during a day that you want to feel as special as possible.

It Offers A Classic Look

While people wear various types of ties when they get married today, the bowtie was overwhelmingly the popular choice in the past. If you look at a selection of wedding photos from your parents and grandparents, it's almost certain that bowties were a fixture at these ceremonies. You might like the idea of wearing a bowtie for your wedding because it presents a classic look. You want your wedding to look timeless when you browse the photos in the coming years, and a bowtie can certainly offer the timeless style that you're going for.

It's Safe For Eating

If you plan to keep your tie on during the dinner portion of your wedding, you might be reluctant to wear a conventional long tie. These ties can sometimes get messy. When you sit down, for example, the end of the tie can land on your dinner plate. Similarly, various stains can occur when you lean too far toward the table. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a stain on your tie. When you wear a bowtie, you won't have to worry about these issues. Its compact size makes it safe to wear when you're eating.